ICE Pump (463g), FA Nutrition

ICE Pump (463g), FA Nutrition
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FA ICE PUMP is a real revolution in the category of pre-training supplements. The supplement... mehr
Produktinformationen "ICE Pump (463g), FA Nutrition"

FA ICE PUMP is a real revolution in the category of pre-training supplements. The supplement enables you to enrich your daily diet with a well-thought-out composition of ingredients with pre-training properties, which guarantees real support during exercise. Moreover, the composition has been enriched with an innovative EVERCOOL additive, which ensures a cooling effect and real freshness during increasing levels of fatigue. The product is especially recommended for those looking for uncompromising solutions and innovative supplementation – it's ideal for beginners and advanced enthusiasts of strength and endurance sports, especially bodybuilding, crossfit and powerlifting.

What are the benefits of FA ICE PUMP?

  • A composition of 6 valuable active ingredients - no unnecessary additives, just solid support and real muscle pumps!
  • Innovative cooling effect - the EVERCOOL formula guarantees freshness and extra comfort during training
  • Citrulline malate has a valuable effect on the production and increase in nitric oxide levels, which may contribute to e.g. increased endurance and reduction of fatigue during exercise[1,2,3]
  • AAKG has been attributed with beneficial effects on exercise parameters and training performance, as well as some hemodynamic indicators (blood pressure), among others[2,4,5]
  • Beta-alanine supplementation contributes to an increase in muscle carnosine concentrations –  beneficial effects on maintaining optimal pH values, improving certain exercise capabilities, reducing fatigue, or expanding lean muscle mass[6,7]
  • Betaine can provide additional support during physical activity and have positive effects on some exercise capacity[8,9]
  • Caffeine has applications in supporting cognitive function, affects some exercise capacity and training parameters, and contributes to the reduction of psychophysical fatigue

Ingredients: citrulline malate, beta-alanine, ,L-arginine alphaketoglutarate (A-AKG), betaine anhydrous, glycerol monostearate, caffeine anhydrous, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), acidity regulator (E500), sodium bicarbonate, favouring, flavouring, colouring, sweeteners (suclralose, acesulfam K, steviol glycosides).. Serving size / Porcja / Portion: 1 Scoop / Miarka  (4,5 g) Servings per container / Ilość porcji w opakowaniu: ~100 (4,5 g);

Amount per/ Zawartość w 4,5 g  
Cytrulina malate / citrulline malate 1500 mg
Beta-alanine / Beta-alanina 800 mg
Arginine AKG / Argininy AKG 500 mg
of which Arginine / w tym Arginina  350 mg
Betaina bezwodna / Betaine anhydrous 375 mg
Glicerol monostearate/ glycerol monostearate 375 mg
Caffeine / Kofeina 100 mg
Net weight / Masa netto / Nettogewicht: 450  g
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